Tech Support

Technical Support.

Technical Assistance, through a fee, for your organization, program, project, school, or business, can be provided via 800 telephone line, e-mail and personal visitation for people who direct their effort toward youngsters. . . . Or you can spin your wheels while trying to reinvent the wheel.

Support areas include: starting new organizations, identifying your clients and customers, where to find help and then train "them", program options, how to pay for your program, fundraising, legal issues, organizing and running leagues and tournaments, publishing, direct mail, program evaluation, plus views on questions that might benefit from another perspective.

FRESH Ideas: Fitness. Recreation. Education. Sport. Health

How we can help you :

  • • starting new organizations
  • • finding your clients and customers
  • • increasing participation in school and community programs
  • • where to find help and then training your "helpers"
  • • program options in sports and recreation for the clients you are targeting
  • • how to pay for your program including fundraising
  • • improving the performance of our presenters
  • • improving the performance of your coaches
  • • organizing and running leagues, tournaments and special events
  • • management strategies that produce self-motivated helpers and employees
  • • adding intramural options to school, college and community programs
  • • evaluating your program
  • • publishing your own book or manual and then selling it
  • • direct mail campaigns to generate customers and clients
  • • legal requirements needed to get started
  • • business options: sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, S corporation, non-profit
  • • plus confidential questions that might benefit from an outsider’s perspective

To schedule a five minute free introductory session at no charge, contact:

Free 800 telephone line at 1-800-767-4916
by appointment
Personal visitation by appointment

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